Changes in your voice can indicate that something is wrong within the vocal cords and/ or the voice supporting mechanism. An Ear, Nose and Throat consultation is strongly recommended prior to seeking voice therapy when there is a new unexplained hoarseness. The consultation will also help us understand what action to take in therapy and ensure we are targeting the correct area. If you feel unsure about this please get in touch.

Problems with our voice can have a significant effect on our ability to communicate.  This impact can be felt in personal relationships, when at work and when socialising. Voice therapy aims to support you by providing ways to help improve and care for your voice.

Here are some reasons for seeking help with your voice.

– Issues with the sound of the voice such as hoarseness.

– A feeling of running out of breath when talking.

– A sensation of strain, dryness, tiredness or a lump in the throat when talking.

– A sudden change in vocal pitch or loss of high notes.

Anyone can experience problems or have a desire to change their voice and some professions can impact the voice more than others. This service has provided therapy for teachers, lecturers, preachers, singers, presenters, call centre operatives, army/guard officers, hairdressers, personal trainers, veterinary surgeons, students and homemakers.  

An initial assessment of your voice will help to highlight areas requiring therapy.  This can include an analysis of your voice quality, voice measurements (for example how loud or quiet you are), a look at your voice support system, such as your breathing pattern, and any tension in muscles around the jaw, neck and voice itself.  A discussion about your general health and more specifically the history of what happened to your voice will also guide therapy.

Therapy includes advice about vocal care, specific voice exercises, breathing work, strategies to ease the workload on your voice, and when required, massage of the muscles that surround the voice.

Online therapy is useful for those who cannot make the journey in for therapy or for those who would like to start their therapy in the comfort of their home prior to meeting in person. It can be particularly useful when experimenting with different vocal techniques and pitches.

Face to face contact is the best way for the therapist to hear and work with your voice particularly when hoarseness is the area of focus.  Although the human ear and modern technology can pick up the subtle qualities of the voice, online facilities sometimes clean up the sound by removing some irregular frequencies. This means that a level of hoarseness can be hidden and therefor not observed by the therapist.  

Face to face contact also allows for manual therapy which is massage of the areas around the voice for those experiencing vocal strain or muscle tension. 

This service offers advice and exercises to help with flexibility of pitch range, different vocal styles and voice projection techniques. This can be useful for performing, public speaking, or singing.  It does not seek to replace voice coaching or singing lessons.  The therapist is happy to liaise with your specific voice coach if you attend one.  

This service offers instruction and techniques for anyone wishing to explore a more feminine, gender neutral or masculine sounding voice. 

Our therapist has undergone training delivered via workshops provided by TENI (Trans Equality Network Ireland) and ASHA (American Speech and Hearing Association) in order to provide a trans inclusive service.  She has collaborated with the National Community Development Officer of TENI, and will continue to link in with this service. 

A recent review ”I first engaged with Lorna a number of months ago whilst trying to source a private voice specialist who would be willing to offer coaching for Trans people in Ireland.  Lorna expressed a keen interest and we worked together in finding appropriate trans specific training to support her already well developed practice.  In the end I chose to become her first client and over the course of 3 months she provided invaluable in helping me find my authentic voice.  Our lessons were instructive, respectful and highly enjoyable and I now feel much more confident in expressing myself and communicating with others in a way that is true to me and helps me feel more self confident and safe while moving through the world as the proud transgender woman I am”. 



Initial Consultation: €150 – 1 Hour And 15 Minutes
Therapy Sessions: €70 – 45 Minutes